Tertiary prevention in oncology

March 24th 2016, Paris

Three major supports in funding cancer research in France, the ARC French Foundation for Cancer Research, the French National Cancer Institute and the French Institute for Public Health Research are actively working together in a joint effort to implement one of the objectives of the Cancer Plan 2014-2019: “Encouraging observation and research dedicated to risk prevention of secondary cancers and recurrence of cancer”.

In this context, our three organizations are holding an international scientific symposium, on March 24th 2016 in Paris, entitled “Tertiary Prevention in Oncology: What Issues for Patients’ Health and Upcoming Challenges?”

This conference aims at bringing together all actors involved (researchers, health care professionals, patient associations etc.), from France and abroad. It represents an opportunity to review advances in this field and bring out crucial questions the research will have to answer in the coming years.

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